Halloween poster

A bit of fun for everyone can be found in the many Halloween areas, not only in Yellow but all around AW. Some old, some new, all waiting to delight and give you a fun fright.

This year the Halloween Ball has a theme: "Blink". If one knows the legend of these angelic visages, you will know they can send a person back in time. Well, we thought, what fun. We can use them to send folks back into the history of AW to help celebrate the 20 year anniversary. Visit the past and see how far AW has come. And for a few, if they find the special Soul, they might be taken to the future.

Over the years we have come up with a fair few sites to see. Be sure check out past issues of the Y.G. (Yellow Gazette). You will find a great step by step tour done by our Randy which he did in last year's October issue. The only site no longer on that tour is the cathedral. That area has been updated for this years Halloween Ball.

Echo Meadow Towne Hall is at Yellow 150.34S 1700.60E 0.05a 202. Inside find a mini teleport hall with featured Halloween builds from around AW old and new.


Adventure awaits the brave. Visit the whole Halloween in Yellow and beyond.

Good luck out there, Monsters.

Aunt Trudy

Aunt Trudy

Ozman here, still filling in for Aunt Trudy. I believe Fuzzy has more information on her progress, so do check out his page.

Here's an update for you on events in Yellow. A new contest is in the works. Rumours have been flying around for some time, but I'm tracking down the details for the upcoming Golden Bear Award contest. As mentioned before, rumour has it this will be a huge world transport community build project. We're getting closer to the facts, and we'll let you know as soon as we hear ourselves.

Here's an update for events in AW. GSK and MyAW are hosting the OMG awards. Check out the Around AW page for further details.

That's it from me subbing for Ms Trudy. But hey, I'm only in charge here, so what do I know?

To the top.

Fuzzy Tales


Stormy day revelations

A light misty rain had begun to fall. The wind was picking up and blowing the mist like giant sheets. Rippling sun beams broke thru the growing cloud cover. The mist began to dance in a wonder of rainbow light. Mother nature is in a fine Autumn mood.

Fuzzy could hardly believe it; it was all ready October. The year had seemed to go by in a blink of the eye. He thought, funny how when we are young time seems to go on forever and as we grow older it speeds up and soon it feels like its running out. Fuzzy laughed to himself. He could hear his grandfather's voice echo in his mind. It was never more clear to him than in that moment he was not getting any younger.

Go here to continue the story.

Happy 125th birthday to Yosemite National Park!

Yosemite Valley


On this day in 1890, Congress created Yosemite, which is best known for its towering granite monoliths and breathtaking waterfalls. Pictured here is Yosemite Valley - the late afternoon sun created a rainbow in Bridalveil Falls.

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