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Interactivity in AW -- Using Movers

Builders can create very interactive builds, as you have seen from viewing some of the game sites we featured in the last Newbies page. (If you missed that, be sure to check out the archives).

One of the features that AW offers is the development and use of objects as "movers". Any object can be made into a mover. Once the mover is properly set up, viewers can use them. Some of the movers are ridden, others are carried, and some are like trains using a fixed path.

There are three types of movers: User Controlled, Server controlled, and Pickup item. The illustrations below show you what they could look like.

You can tell when an object is a mover. The mouse pointer changes from an arrow into a hand, and very often there is a small window which pops up with the name of the mover. Simply click on the mover and you are automatically connected to it.

To get off the mover, Click on the icon in the display that looks a car with a yellow arrow through it.

Mover types

User controlled mover

A User-Controlled Mover
This is the most commonly used mover. A viewer, or a group of viewers, can use this sort of mover to go anywhere. The maker of the mover has set the options as to whether it flies, or floats, or doesn't move at all (useful for sitting people down on a sofa, for example); the maker also sets the maximum speed of the mover. If you want a ride on a 'sports zeppelin' the coordinates for the one in the picture are Yellos 1835.268S 1664.14E 0.05a 340.2

Server controlled mover

A Server-Controlled Mover
This sort of mover follows a designated path. This is used for things like buses, trains, and rides like roller coasters and such. The rider can't alter the path of the mover like a user-controlled mover, but just hangs on for the ride. The picture on the left shows a 'bus' that takes riders around the Temple Village. You can catch this bus at Yellow 892.047N 1278.79E -0.03a 30.8.

Pickup mover

A Pickup Mover
This is a mover that by clicking on it, the user 'picks it up.' The picture on the left shows a lit lantern that is a pickup mover. By clicking on it, the user will be carrying the mover in the AV's right hand. Builders use a variety of pickup movers to do different things. In this case the lantern is useful because it lights the way forward in a very dark, haunted cellar. To use this mover, you will have to look to the info on the Halloween events for a hint as to its location in this issue of the Gazette. Have fun!

And Finally...

We encourage you to explore other worlds too. A word of warning though; some take a long time to download, so keep your patience sharpened. Once all the objects are loaded, you will be able to explore by walking, sometimes flying, and trying out any buttons that require pushing.

If you have any questions about any of this, or other topics, telegram Ozman or Apooka, or email yellowgazette@cox.net and if we can't help, we will direct you to someone who can.