Ozman's teleport centreOzman's Teleport Centre; coordinates 881.92N 1277.78E -0.03a 55

Finding stuff

We can often spend a large amount of time trying to find an object, a texture, or simply how to do something. This month, we offer some key coordinates to help builders, both veteran and new, find information, objects, textures, how to do various things. AWI is continually adding new elements to its programs for us to use in our building projects. These coordinates should give you a bit of an edge on some of these. We recommend that you copy and paste these coordinates into a text file that you can use for yourself as you need things.

Object yards

There are many different object yards available in AW, but we focus here on those that are linked to Yellow. Most of the objects in these yards can be used in Yellow.

  • Yellow Object Yard: 747n 961e 0.5a 0. Good yard, but takes a fair while to download. Keep your visiblity < 100.
  • TunaBlue's object yard in Yellow: 1985.60S 1990.68W 0.00a 348. Be sure to look behind you too!
  • Original Yellow object yard:1968.03S 1975.98W 0.00a 350
  • Megapath Objects: -- large yard which includes some textures.
  • A small object yard in Alpha: 23586.34N 23482.36W 0.21a 1 -- also some useful textures here.

Textures and other yards

Good for textures, AV sequences and other options.

  • Yellow Texture Yard: 710.43N 977.18E 0.07a 182. Large yard, so takes a while to download.
  • Yellow Avatar Sequence Yard: 724.28N 957.85E 0.07a 1. Excellent collection!
  • Yellow Particle and Matfx yard: 718.29N 944.51E 0.05a 88. Limited, but useful.
  • AW School particle yard: 80.32S 76.97W 0.00a 103. Lots of stuff to copy.

Help on effects

There are several areas where you can get help on using movers, particle emitters, physics and cloth, and other effects you can use with objects. The main ones are the AW Wiki and the AWSchool. Here are some URLs and coordinates for these.

  • AW Wiki: Main page for movers. Select which of the three mover types you want to use from this page.
  • SW City Builders Academy: for extra information on buiding movers.
  • AWSchool -- basic mover tutorial: 80.15S 31.50E 0.00a 184.
  • AWSchool -- Dreme Lojyk's advanced mover info: 137.85S 148.35E 0.00a 177. It's worth copying this for your future reference.
    Particle Emitters
  • AW Wiki: Basic but essential information here on doing up PEs.
  • AW School -- main PE tutorial: 73.97S 58.81W 0.00a 185. By Dreme Lojyk.
  • AW Wiki: Good page for learning all about zones.
  • AW School: Zone tutorial: 77.99S 59.58E 0.00a 184. Some nice demonstrations here.
  • AW Wiki: Basic info on using camera placement in zones.
  • AW School: -- A good camera tutorial by Dreme Lojyk: 79.12S 0.01E 0.00a 182
  • AW Wiki: Main page which explains the elements of using the NVIDIA Physics engine. Select the detailed pages from here.
  • AW School: -- substantial tutorial on using physics by SWChris: 18.77N 158.77W 0.00a 184
  • SW Chris' YouTube physics demonstrations: 18.77N 158.77W 0.00a 184">18.77N 158.77W 0.00a 184
  • AW Wiki: Basics for using the timer commands.
  • AW School -- Basic tutorial on using timers: 14.00N 160.47W 0.00a 175
    Color Tint
  • AW School: -- basic tutorial on the new color tint command: 13.84N 157.53W 0.00a 177
  • Note: Opacity seems to replace the "mask=semitrans" command. Makes objects translucent or clear.
  • AW Wiki: Basics on using the opacity command.

Last, also check the AW Forums for further tips and 'how to'

The YG would appreciate any further information on where people can get information on these, and other commands in AW. Please send your suggestions to Building Tips, Yellow Gazette, or telegram Ozman or Apooka.

Do you have any questions on building?

Does anyone have any building questions they want answered or do you have some tips you want to share? Please contact Ozman and also to give feedback on this article, particularly if there are any mistakes. He is doing this from experience. And as always, be sure to check the AW Help page and the related AW wiki pages for further help.

For new builders, be sure to visit AWNewbie, and AWSchool worlds for very good tutorials, on-line help from qualified teachers, and lots of very good objects.