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Tips on Movers in Yellow

This month we will give our wall part a bit of a holiday, and discuss instead the development of multiple object movers. OzySEO has made heaps of these in Yellow, all of which work, and we have taken good lessons from him. There are some tricks that will make your multiple object mover behave better.

Making a multiple object mover.

The Medusa

One of the neat things you can do in AW is to make some really interesting movers. Yellow is now set up so that any user-controlled mover is available for anyone to ride. And lots of people have been making a mover using lots of objects. The picture on the left is one by Ozman, called the Medusa (a weird zeppelin), that is made up of 35 different objects. Bach Zhaa has suggested that this is about the limit for a mover using objects that have a lot of text in their action boxes.

The important thing to make sure is that all the objects have the command "create link [name of link]" in the action box. The mover object itself has to have the NAME of the link in the text box, and the "Linking enabled" option ticked.

The Medusa

The picture on the left shows the actual object that is used as a mover, and that is the primitive p2cube0050.rwx, a simple cube. OzySEO suggests that for complex movers, i.e., lots of linked objects, the mover object's Z axis needs to face NORTH. All the linked objects have to be either abutting the mover object or have their Z axis pointing toward it. If this isn't done, then linked objects tend either to sort of float unconnected, or are not connected at all once the mover begins to move.

The Medusa objbox

One of the more challenging bits for getting the movers to work is the placement of the AVs within it. The picture on the right shows part of the user-controlled mover Object Properties Box, featuring how the AV is placed within the mover. Because the mover object is facing NORTH, the Locked AV Yaw box needs to be ticked, and the Locked Yaw box should be set to 270. This particular mover is facing EAST, so the 270 degree locked yaw ensures the AV is facing in that direction.

It is best to experiment with positioning; this can be awkward depending on how you want the AV or AVs to sit/stand or face when the mover is invoked.

As movers become more popular and used, there will be some problems regarding lag, particularly if lots of complex movers gather in one spot. So, just be mindful of this in your planned builds.

Do you have any questions on building?

Does anyone have any building questions they want answered or do you have some tips you want to share? Please telegram Ozman and also to give feedback on this article, particularly if there are any mistakes. He is doing this from experience. And as always, be sure to check the AW Help page and the related AW wiki pages for further help.

For new builders, be sure to visit AWNewbie, and AWSchool worlds for very good tutorials, on-line help from qualified teachers, and lots of very good objects.