Building Tips

An answer to a question

IceSphere asked the question: "Is there a set guide line for "global" (like if you have 3 things in a code, will 1 "global" at the end work for all 3?)... How do you know what needs to have "global"..?" I put this question to MaxPoly who has responded thus.

The new way 'global' works is from Create, Activate or Bump actions. Putting 'global' in a command makes all the commands global in that action, so just one time is needed and works for all. Normally, if you have any commands and want anyone else to see, just add 'global'.

Some tips from IceSphere on wayside (or server side) movers

In using the Waypoint Table, turn your num lock on, also use the arrow keys (all the way down to a blank space will let you arrow over full spaces). And before you start, plan on making a teleport to get you back on your mover for do overs.

More on Wayside Movers

Ozman is putting togther a 'manual' to help people create waypoint movers. By way of explanation, waypoint movers are objects that have become 'vehicles' which can transport a user to a place through a dedicated pathway. They differ from user controlled movers in two major ways:

  1. Anyone can ride a WM, whereas generally only the creator can operate a user controlled mover, with some exceptions;
  2. WMs are created specifically to follow a designated path and will not vary from that path.
A WM is fussy to make, but well worth it when completed. In the first instance, please check the official AW sources on movers, and be sure to do the tutorials in AW School: In Yellow, only citizens with V4 rights can build any sort of mover. In AWTeen, however, anyone can build a mover. Check what rights you have in any world you intend to build in.

In order to make the manual as successful as possible, Ozman would like to get people to try it and send him feedback on how it works. If you want to try this, please contact Ozman , and he will send you a copy.

Do you have any questions on building?

Send us your questions on building. The more you learn the techniques, the better and more fun your builds can be. Mail your requests to Ozman. Alternatively, you can use the Yellow Wiki.

For new builders, be sure to visit AWNewbie, and AWSchool worlds for very good tutorials, on-line help from qualified teachers, and lots of very good objects.