Portal at AWGateAW Gate, where you first land on entry to ActiveWorlds

Finding interactive games and activities

In Yellow, a number of people have built interactive games that you can play. What we want to do this month is to give you some coordinates as to where you can find some great games.

AW also has whole worlds devoted to games too. We will show you how to get to them. First, let's explain how coordinates work and then we will first present some games available in Yellow.

Coordinates show where you are in the world; by North/South, East/West, elevation above sea level, and direction (in degrees) that you will face. For example, Yellow 1020s 500e 4a 90 would have you at that location in the world Yellow, 4 metres above sea level and facing west. When you type in coordinates, always use N/S first, then E/W, then elevation (number followed by 'a') and then the direction to face.

Interactive games in Yellow

OzySEO's games portal

OzySEO is a keen builder in Yellow. Here is his portal to some of his games that he has developed.
The coordinates are: Yellow 400s 1951e 7.5a 360. Remember, select the Teleport option on the display and left click on it. A set of options will appear. Click on the To... Then type in the coordinates into the Coordinates text box; press the OK button and the system will take you there immediately.

Apooka's winter games area

Here is a great build by Apooka and Ozman. There are interactive games here, as well as movers which you can ride and a working chair lift you can use.

The coordinates are: 12s 1625e 0.1a 360.

This game was developed by Apooka and Ozman for 2011 Halloween, but is available for use by anyone now. There are also some really good places around the area that you should explore, particularly if you like a bit of a scare.

Activities in other worlds.

Selecting a world

To get to other worlds, use the folder icon in the HUD display. The picture here shows you which one. Once you open the folder, select the "worlds" option, and a list of over 500 different worlds will appear, as the picture shows. Simply click on one of the worlds, and you will be taken there.

Some of the worlds are specifically games worlds. The latest that has appeared is called AWSplat, and is a paintball game. There are bingo worlds, role playing worlds, and lots of others that you can explore.

And Finally...

We encourage you to explore other worlds too. A word of warning though; some take a long time to download, so keep your patience sharpened. Once all the objects are loaded, you will be able to explore by walking, sometimes flying, and trying out any buttons that require pushing.

If you have any questions about any of this, or other topics, telegram Ozman or Apooka, or email yellowgazette@cox.net and if we can't help, we will direct you to someone who can.