Multimedia approaches to building

You can create very dynamic and interactive builds in AW, and some of the dimensions include the use of multimedia: sound, video, and of course avatar sequences, movers and particle emitters. A combination of these will make any build come alive. We will introduce you here to some steps you can take to enhance your builds.

Some Examples

A mover with sound and particle emitter    An invisible bump panel with sound

The mover

In this first example, we are using a combination of a mover made of multiple objects, with a sound file and a particle emitter attached to the mover. Some of the key elements here include:

The screenshots below show you the mover and the object properties boxes for the mover and the PE. This mover may be found in Yellow at 1828S 1687E 0.5a 270.

mover with OP box

The top part of the mover's OP window shows the name of the mover is drag. It is crucial that the mover's name is included in the "create link" command in each object used in the mover.

mover with OP box, lower

Here is the lower part of the mover's OP window, showing the Sound and the Sequence information.

PE OP box

This shot shows the Tag name in the PE's OP window. It is "drag". Remember that all elements used in a mover must have the same name.

The video clip below will show you what the mover looks like when driving it, using the chase camera view.

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An invisible bump panel

Using a non-solid, invisible bump panel has many great uses. Here we demonstrate using it to trigger a remote sound file as an AV walks through the doors into the temple. The screenshots show the panel and the code used, and the door open to the temple with no panel showing.

showing the bump panel

The shot shows the bump panel just at the entrance to the temple, behind the front doors.

temple entry

The door is open, but the bump panel just behind the doors is invisible. Walking through the doors will cause the music to play.

The video clip demonstrates what happens when an AV walks through the front doors into the temple.

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We hope you found this useful; let Ozman know if you want anything explained more.

Do you have any questions on building?

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For new builders, be sure to visit AWNewbie, and AWSchool worlds for very good tutorials, on-line help from qualified teachers, and lots of very good objects.