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All about Physics

One of the newer builders in Yellow, OzySEO, is rapidly becoming a master in using AW's Physics engine. In this issue of Building Tips, we feature some of his doors and how they work. Be sure to visit his Physics center at 581s 1832e 0.1a 0 and have a good look around.

Thanks, Ozy, for your help in this. Good stuff!

Opening doors with Physics

Physics in AW works on the principle of one object colliding with another, with the resultant impact doing things that resemble what happens in real life. So if you throw a ball at some bottles, for example, the bottles will fall over, and the ball will roll around a bit before stopping. You can adjust all this using the physics in the Action box in the object properties box. The pictures below show some of OzySEO's swinging doors. The commands that make them work are beside the pictures of the doors in bold type. The commands are placed in the Action text box in the object properties box.

One of the elements that he makes use of is the 'avvel' option. This stands for AV Velocity, and it allows a persons's AV to kick or throw a ball, or in this case to open a door just by pushing on it. If you have done elementary Newtonian physics, you will understand the concepts of velocity, force, mass and the like, and how they interact. To get more details on Physics, be sure to check out OzySEO's commands on all his physics objects. You should also go to the AW Wiki page that explains about how the physics engine works. Additionally, the AWSchool has a tutorial on using physics at awschool 19n 158w 0.01a 180.

Ozy's physics intro

This picture shows some basic details about OzySEO's use of physics. They are all used in his illustrations below.

OzySEO's single door

This shows a single door that when pushed by an AV will open and swing back and forth after.
On the single opening door:
create collider mass=.1 avvel, hinge pin="0 1 0" limit="180 .01",color white global

A swinging gate

Here is an example of a swinging gate, with the hinge on one end.
On the wide gate:
create collider mass=.01 avvel, hinge -2 0 0 pin="0 1 0" limit="180 .01",scale 1 .5,color white global

A wide single door

This picture shows a wide rotating door with the hinge in the middle, corresponding with the Y axis.
On rotating door:
create collider mass=.01 avvel, hinge pin="0 1 0" limit="180 .01",scale .82,color white global

A double door

A double swinging door. Perfect for those saloon doors in your western casino!
On the double doors:
left door: create collider mass=.1 avvel, hinge pin="0 1 0" limit="180 .01",scale .99 1,color white global
right door: create collider mass=.1 avvel, hinge pin="0 1 0" limit="180 .01",scale .99 1,color white global

Do you have any questions on building?

Does anyone have any building questions they want answered or do you have some tips you want to share? Please contact Ozman and also to give feedback on this article, particularly if there are any mistakes. He is doing this from experience. And as always, be sure to check the AW Help page and the related AW wiki pages for further help.

For new builders, be sure to visit AWNewbie, and AWSchool worlds for very good tutorials, on-line help from qualified teachers, and lots of very good objects.