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Dear Reader

This month is the grand opening of Botanicus Jardin, located at 832.35n 929.645e 0.03a 90. Each month the flowers and plants you see here on the garden page will now be found on display in beds marked by the month, so you can see them in use and maybe pick up a trick or two. Also at this location you will find a teleport hall that will feature gardens thru out Yellow. If you have a garden or landscaped site you would like to share, contact Apooka by telegram or email us at Little Nellies Garden. Over time I hope this garden will not only fill in to be a really lovely garden, but also become a useful resource for all.

Until Next month
Happy building to all

jardin pic
Plants of the Month
California Fan Palm Lavender Fairy Lace Purple Dazil
Violets Narsian Hedge Purple Fusion Drop
Slender Lady Palm White Ghost Dalion Forget Me Nots
Dahlias Mossy Bark June Grass

Downloading these plants

You can copy these plant pictures to your own area in Photobucket, or wherever you save pictures for building in AW. You can also see what's in the texture and object yards in Yellow that you can use. These tips apply for them too.

If you have any plants you would like donate to Little Nellie for use in Yellow (or elsewhere), you can send them to Little Nellie

Send all questions or comments to Little Nellie's Garden.