Big news at the YG.

Well greetings and salutations to one and all, time to get back to a bit of adventure.

And it all started last Monday morning. I arrived at the Yellow Gazette offices to find the place in a total state of uproar. Out of the crowd came Ms Trudy and a welcome face, Randy.

YG Staff

Yellow Gazette Staff in shock

"Hi ya," Randy said with a huge smile from ear to ear. "Can you believe it?" he asked?

"Believe what, what has happened?" I asked. Just then Trudy stepped up laughing. She said, "For a reporter you really are clueless. One wonders how you got the job." And with that she brushed past us toward her office. Randy, still smiling, threw his arm round my shoulders saying, "Do not mind her, you know how she is. All buzz no sting."

Soon Ozman called for everyone to break it up and get back to work. So Randy and I made our way to my office.

Lucy's wedding

The June Wedding of Miss Lucy A Larksong and Mr Huntly Haverstock III

There Randy went on to tell the tale. It seems our Ms Lucy Larksong was married this last Sunday,and to none other than Huntly Haverstock III. The ceremony was held in Admiratio Village at the St Ursula chapel.

The ceremony was conducted by Padre Ambrose Larksong.

Lucy's wedding party

Parents of the Bride and Groom (from left to right)

Mrs Luana Rosewood Haverstock, Mr Huntly Haverstock II, Padre Ambrose Larksong,
Mrs Emily Standish Larksong

The Padre is the father of the bride and the head of St Ursula Chapel. His lady wife is the well known Poet, Madam Emily Standish Larksong. As for the groom's parents They are non other than Mr. Huntly Haverstock II the founder of the C.L.S. Zeppelin Company, and his lady wife, the well known socialite Ms Luana Rosewood Haverstock.

So to say the least, everyone is shocked on many levels. Well first of all, they come from very different social circles at first glance. Not to mention, Randy went on to explain, no one knew they were dating.

"I sure hope they will be happy, and this is between me and you. Rumor has it there may be a bun in the oven." Randy tilted his head and attempted to do the nudge nudge wink wink. But like so many of Randy's winks, this one came off looking like pain, which only made me laugh.

I then asked Randy, "How come you were invited to this wedding, when no one here knew a thing." And with that, Randy began to belly laugh. "Wow mate, you forgot. Maybe Trudy is right about you. Just kidding. I am Lucy's cousin. You recall we talked about it and it was decided to keep it on the down low so it would avoid have everyone saying I only got job because she is my kin." I started to tell him that I did indeed recall.

Ms Trudy summoning the lads

Ms Trudy summoning the boys to meet the boss

But before we could chat on, the door to my office open and in stepped Trudy holding an envelope, like one I had seen before. There she stood with here typical smug look. But Randy has always had a knack with her, and most females for that matter. He simply gave here sly smile of his own and said "Why you looking for Bad Boys?" That did it. She blushed and quickly placed the letter on the desk and made a fast exit. Randy grabbed his tummy laughing, plopped into the nearest chair. "See, ya just have to know how to handle her." But in a moment silence fell as the two now stared at the envelope.

"Well no point in delaying, you might as well open the thing." Randy smiles and pushes the letter toward me. Here ya go Boss." OK, so how bad could it be; I am pretty sure I have not done anything out of line. But still breaking the seal always brought a bit of dread. Mrs A had taken to using the seals after she got wind of a certain snoopy office lady's inclinations.

Well, it turns out was not bad news as such, just a request that myself and Randy meet Mrs A in her office at lunch time, says she has some projects to discuss.

Wow! I have never been to lunch with the boss. "OK, so what ya think is up? Good news or bad, this will be interesting," said Randy.

As for me, I knew all to well from the past this always means adventure.

And sure enough, it turns out I was right. First of all Randy is taking over my normal job. He will be doing all the Builds of the Month images and doing the interview in Steam City with Kirmden. As for me, well that story will have to continue next time.

The boys with Mrs A

Mrs A handing out new assignments to the boys

Will Randy do a good job? What adventure will Fuzzy find himself in?

all will be reveled in the next issue. TEASER the title: "Meeting the Tinker bears."

Fuzzy pic

So until then be safe, be happy, be kind.

Theodore A Fuzzybottom
(( Fuzzy))

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