Portal at AWGateAW Gate, where you first land on entry to ActiveWorlds

Getting to the world Yellow from AWGate

When you first come to ActiveWorlds as a tourist you will probably be a bit confused as what to do. We hope this basic introduction will allow you to:

  • Learn how to move around
  • How to find where to go in AW Gate to get to Yellow
  • Getting around Yellow

Moving around

at AWGate

When you first come to ActiveWorlds after downloading their program, you will be in a world called AWGate. You will be a 'tourist', and will look like the man in the picture on the left. The first step is to learn how to move around.

Use your mouse and left click on the sign that says "Click here to learn how to move". A set of instructions will appear in the browser to show you what to do. Basically, you use your arrow keys to move forward, back, left and right. You can walk, run and fly as well. Be sure to read the instructions here and you will be moving around the world in no time. Alternatively, you can click here to get the same page.

Finding other worlds to go to.

In the How to Build room

Now that you can move around, go into the area under the large sign that says "Learn how to build." Here you will find a number of different worlds that you can visit.

One of the public worlds that you can visit and build in as a tourist is Yellow(stone), which the Yellow Gazette features. If you click on any of the public world signs in there, you will be automatically transported to the Ground Zero in those worlds. In ActiveWorlds, this is called teleporting.

Going to Yellow(stone)

Selecting a world

When you are in the Learn to Build room, click on the sign that says "Yellow(stone) and you will be instantly teleported to Yellowstone's Ground Zero(GZ).

Getting around Yellow

Selecting a world

Once you are at the Yellow GZ, you can just walk out the door and begin to visit different builds. However, there is also the ability to select specific sites to visit if you know where they are in the world.

Each site has its own coordinates that gives you the north, south, east, and west location, as well as its elevation above sea level and the direction one faces when going to the site. If someone has given you these coordinates, simply select the Teleport option on the display and left click on it. A set of options will appear. Click on the To... Then type in the coordinates into the Coordinates text box. For example, 160.095S 1625.241E 0.05a 70.5. This example will take you to the Admiratio Transport Center.

An optional way to get to a specific site is to use the ap: command. This works well if you know the name of the place you want to visit. If you know this,just type in the chat window: ap:goto xport, and press return. You will be teleported there.

There are some very good games in Yellow. One designer is OzySEO. Use the coordinates 399.5s 1950e 2.5a 0 to go to his games teleport center.

And Finally...

Yellow and many other worlds in this ActiveWorlds universe are very rich in art, builds, practical uses, role playing games, and more. Once you get familiar with moving around and finding things, explore! Look around. Meet other people. It's an incredibly rich experience. If you are interested in doing more, practice building something. There is a school to help you. You can access AWSchool by using the teleport option we discussed above, or by selecting the teleport link at AWGate, which is in the same room as the access to Yellow. The most important thing is to have fun. And think of what you could do with this very powerful virtual reality environment.