Selected Builds from the YG Archives

This month we offer a 'retrospective' of some of the YG staff's favourite builds over the past couple of years. There are lots more builds the Gazette has featured too, and under the pictures we provide a list of coordinates to the rest of the builds. You can also go to the Yellow Gazette's offices located in Yellow (Coords Yellow 174.837S 1614.807E 0.06a 94.9) to teleport to many of these sites directly.

Now, we know there is a great deal of talent out there so let's hear from you. What are some of your favorite builds in the ActiveWorld universe? Please send your submissions to the or telegram Apooka and or Ozman. “Show us what ya got!!”

St Ursula's Chapel    D'Park    Our Lady of Cairistiona    Japanese Gardens   
Mita and Max's Contraption    List of builds featured in the YG

St Ursula's chapel

St Ursula's Chapel by Apooka & Ozman. Coords Yellow 148.34S 1632.33E -0.01a 330


D’Park by Tunablues and Dreamer2. Coords Yellow 1957.15N 1947.03W 0.21a 228

Our Lady Church

Our Lady of Cairistiona by Apooka. Coords Winter 733.66N 1993.00E 0.00a 49

Japanese garden

Japanese Gardens by Gaia. Coords Yellow 386.86n 908.60e 0.52a 177

Mita-Max build

Mita and Max' Contraption Build. Coords Yellow 1770.53s 1732.32e 0.05a 87


Builds of the Month -- 2010 & 2011

Tombstone by Renee. Yellow coords 455n 983e 1.95a 180 Dutch Town by Angel01. Yellow coords 1996n 2000e -0.02a 90 Lyrie Lake by Lyrie. Yellow coords 1214.716n 1155.459w 2.385a 90
Builds by TunaBlues & Dreamer 2 D'Park camp. Yellow coords 1977.16N 1825.37W 0.46a 310
Bear creek lumber and more. Yellow coords 1986.88S 1752.07W 0.42a 1
Sequatchie House. Yellow coords 721.80N 1143.57E 0.01a 270
Starbucks coffee. Yellow coords 721.8N 1154E 0.01a 270
Opera house. Located in AlphaWorld at coords 1585.03n 1143.20w 0.06a 90
Builds by Poliatevska in Yellow The Suzuki Center. Coords 659S 1663E 0.01a 0
A Minimart. Coords 373S 39E -0.03a 315
Polia's arcade games. Coords 370S 43E -0.03a 270
The Green Kiwi Resort. Coords 663.054S 1666.7E 0.02a 180
Builds by Ozman in Yellow The Flets. Coords 87S 1101E 0.3a 180
Riverside Fishing Lodge. Coords 1695N 149E 0.3a 90
The Chalet's ski lift. Coords 1959.18N 208.52E 9.81a 270
A streetscape in the Temple Precinct. Coords 878.1N 1274.2E -0.02a 90
Admiratio Cinema. Coords 157.52S 1605.22E 0.04a 92
Admiratio Clinic and Day Hospital. Coords 148.04S 1609.02E 0.04a 1
Nicopaul's build. Located in AlphaWorld at coords 70n 5886e 0.3a 0 Buddy's Builds Located in AWWild at coords 1693n 1963w;
and Buddy's store in AW at coords 7994n 30075w 0.0a 270
Winter's Community Holiday Village. Coords Winter 714.96N 2035.90E 0.16a 88 Apooka and Ozman's Old Winter Mountain. Coords Yellow 66.2S 1624.78E 0.02a 22 Urbane Chaos' ActiveWorlds Games. Coords Yellow 1306.17N 1299.96W -0.01a 360
Eloquent Sanity's Villages. Coord Yellow 1041.45S 986.84E -0.01a 129 Kuma Bear's Alpha Build. Coord AW 16033.98N 26935.00W 0.04a 183 Paolo and Damares' build. Coord Yellow 1750.21N 1233.64W -0.02a 117
Doc1's builds Old Science Building. Coords AWSchool 34.88s 179.21w 0.02a 181
The Toy Store. Coords Winter 729.74n 1994.11e 0.0a 264
The Yellow Dance Hall. Coord Yellow 616.10s 1815.27e -0.01a 89
Gaia's Builds in Yellow The International Hotel. Coord Yellow 396.60N 890.14E 1.00a 180
Mirror Lake. Coord Yellow 404.54N 916.18E 2.02a 271
OzySEO's Action Builds. Coord to teleport center: Yellow 594.63S 1771.52E 0.01a 226 The Great Yellow Contraption Exhibition. Coords Yellow 1811.12s 1768.36e 0.5a 88
Selected AWI Halloween Builds Halloween Display by Lara, 2001. Coord: AW 23528.0N 23479W 0.3a 270
Haunted Musicbox by Earthcrittter, 2003. Coord AW 8676.34S 290.00E 0.15a 3
Heretik's Alien Ship (Mars world), 2004. Coord Mars 417.25N 232.98W 0.00a 304
Dreme Lojyk's Ghost Train 2, 2005. Coord AW 8719.45S 306.34E 0.18a 313
Grimmwood Forest -- SWCity, 2005. Coord: AW 2333S 3985E 0.1a 0
Ghost castle by Shannon, 2005 with updates. Coord: AW 29189.73N 32749.29E 0.02a 88
Haunted Mansion by swchris (rides4us world), 2007. Coord: rides4us 19.40S 0.62W 0.01a 89
Haunted House by OneSummer, 2007. Coord: aw 942.7S 5196.8E 0.1a
Bach Zhaa's spooky build, 2009. Coord: aw 9133.94N 18968.42E 0.24a 62
GZ for 2011 Halloween Build in Yellow. Coord: 1627.63N 980.03E 0.02a 265

Do you want to feature in Build of the Month?

If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please telegram Ozman or Apooka. If you build it and tell us, they will come, that is, if they know the coordinates. So send us your builds and coordinates. Any description or comments you would like to add will also be greately appreciated. Alternatively, you can email