An interview with Tom and Digigurl

YG: We know Yellow is a public world, but who actually owns it?

Tom: Yellow is owned and hosted by Activeworlds, Inc.
Digi: Activeworlds Inc. I simply take care of it while they are busy =)

YG: In VOIP talks with Digigurl, she said she still wanted to be caretaker, but also would like some help. How can we do that?

Tom: Being a Caretaker is a stressful job. Trying to keep people happy while maintaining the guidelines provided by AWI is not easy. A Caretaker's main role is ensuring the world does not fall into disrepair and that the world's landing zone is up to date. Most public building worlds are not intended to be dynamic. Meaning regular updates, path changes and texture uploads are not an intended feature of Yellow. When Digi does do these things I'm sure she'd appreciate help determining good content from bad content and an understanding from the users of Yellow regarding responsible limitations needed to maintain a public building world for all users.

Additionally hosting events in Yellow and spreading the word about the positives of building in a world like Yellow can help its community grow.

Digi: Hold events, promote the world, create an active community! I can update the object path, I can update GZ and other things but I need everyone's help with keeping the community active.

YG: Who should people building in Yellow go to for help?

Tom: This would depend on the kind of help needed. Yellow is a classic, static building world. Meaning its main features and goals were set in stone years ago and there are no plans to change those. So, if a user is having difficulty building they should go to AWSchool. If someone is having technical issues they should contact If the world breaks in some way they should contact and if the bots go down they should contact Digigurl. Additionally you can post in the Yellow forums for help with any of the above issues.

Digi: Depends on what you need help with :) There are multiple signs at GZ for general world help and of course AWSchool is around for building help.

YG: We understand that both the object and texture yards need some upgrading and repair, is there an ETA for this?

Tom: I'm not sure. That may be one area you could help Digigurl with. Traditionally object and texture yards have been built by community members. When one becomes outdated usually a new user makes one to replace it.

YG: A number of people are generating some really nice graphics to be used as textures, but find it difficult to get them into the world path. I know Digigurl has done this, as have you. But is there a way to make it a bit more 'automated' to make it easier on everyone?

Tom: Unfortunately, no. Well there are ways, but AWI does not have the staff to create an automated system for adding textures to public worlds at this time. Yellow is a themed world and its original content is all intended to fit that theme. While we try to be flexible and accommodating Yellow is not a world intended to be regularly updated with user content, that's what private worlds are for. However, if a user donates content with respect to the intended theme of Yellow and that meets standards for a public world (low poly, no huge textures) then we will definitely consider that content for inclusion.

YG: What plans do you have for Yellow?

Tom: My current plans for Yellow are fairly simple. We need to clean up and fix the object path so that donated and approved content can again be added in a reasonably timely manner. Additionally I plan to continue supporting your Gazette and ensure Digigurl has what she needs for any activities and events going on in or around the world.

Digi: I'd like to finally get that object update up. Unfortunately we have ran into some technical difficulties. Other than that, I plan to do a couple more things with GZ and keep it up to date :)

YG: There is a lot of interest in building in Yellow, but some people who want to do more need to have V4 rights, but there have been no contests in Yellow for some time to allow for this. Any plans for such?

Tom: Yellow generally does one building event a year where users can earn V4 rights. However, there are building events all over the community where you can earn V4 rights in Yellow. One such event is the ongoing "Extreme Builder Talent Show" in the world EBTS4.

YG: Can the size of the world be changed, and/or its status, say from Mega to Ultra ?

Tom: The size of Yellow can, and will, be increased when the current space is close to being used up. Increasing the cell space from Mega to Ultra would be irresponsible to our users with lower end PCs. While there are many great and responsible builders, unfortunately, there are many more users who do not understand the relationship between content and performance. Cell limits are there for quality assurance purposes and even Mega is really high for a public building world. As technology improves and the average computer becomes more powerful these restrictions will be loosened, but we aren't there yet.

YG: Is there anything you want to add?

Tom: Yellow is what we call a "Classic Building World". It is themed after Yellowstone National Park and is one of the favourite worlds of Activeworlds CEO, ENZO. Yellow has a long and diverse history and its public revival, thanks to Digigurl's efforts to repair and modernize it, have been amazing to watch. We thank the Yellow community for their support and participation in one of Activeworlds most beautiful destinations and we look forward to many more years of working together with the Yellow community.

Thank you. :-)

Digi: I should be asking you guys what you want me to do :P To me, Yellow's OP is "up to date". I just have some more things to do on Yellow's GZ. What do you as a community want me to do with yellow? What needs to be done?

Thanks to Tom and Digigurl for their responses, from the staff of the Yellow Gazette.

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