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This month we feature the Winter Wonderland Village in Winter, and Old Winter Mountain in Yellow.

Winter's Community Holiday Village. Coordinates: Winter 714.96N 2035.90E 0.16a 88

Winter Holiday Village Awards celebration: Thursday Jan 20th 7 pm VRT in Winter. Be sure to join the fun at The Winter Holiday Village Awards celebration. Find out who the lucky winners will be. See the amazing prize trophy created by Max. Visit all the wonderful builds created in the holiday village, then dance the night away at the party.

The pictures below show some of the builds for the recent Winter Wonderland contest. There was also a fantastic parade held there, and pictures of this may be seen at

Winter Wonderland builds
More Winter Wonderland builds

Old Winter Mountain. Coordinates: Yellow 66.2S 1624.78E 0.02a 22

Take a stroll thru Upper kringle Village. Travel thru the snow sculptures on a fun sled ride; play games at the Snow Carnival; challenge your mates to a wild game of Blizzard Ball, or take a tour of the Kringle Factory. And for the brave, ride the chair lift up the mountain and brave the Wild Bear Dare Giant Slide. Be sure to drop in on Santa, then dance the night away at the Sleepy Bear Playhouse.

Old Winter Mountain

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If you would like your builds to feature in the Yellow Gazette, please telegram Ozman or Apooka. And if you build it, they will come, that is, if they know the coordinates. So send us your builds and coordinates. Any description or comments you would like to add will also be greately appreciated.