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Dr Peter White's Website

Peter at Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

A quick introduction

Dr Peter White is now retired. He worked at The University of Queensland for a number of years doing a variety of different jobs, retiring as a Lecturer in the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies.

Now that his energy can be put into other directions, he is currently working on learning more techniques in website design and virtual world building, doing much more music and guitar practice, and keeping fit by walking and gym work.

In order to keep body and soul together just that little bit longer, he is also proficient in cooking in a number of styles ranging from Korean to Moroccan.

About the website.

This website features some of the work that Peter has done over the years and includes poetry, music, and links to other sites where he has put some of his creations.


Here are some songs that Peter has either written, or has sung with a group he belongs to called The Brown Grass Boys.

The Brown Grass Boys in these songs are Ray Baker, Robert Maxwell, Paul Mills and Peter White.

Give a Little Time to your Spirit -- By Peter, sung by the Brown Grass Boys

It may Not Seem Apparent -- By Peter, sung by the Brown Grass Boys

Silent Voices -- By Peter, sung by the Brown Grass Boys

My Old Maleny Home -- By Paul Mills & Ray Baker, sung by the Brown Grass Boys

Additionally, Peter has been playing classical guitar for more years than he cares to recall, and over the past decade he has been working with Robert Maxwell. They have made one CD, Quanto Plays Carulli..

Here is a selection from that CD; Rondo Allegro from Sonata 1 for two guitars, by Ferdinand Carulli.


If you select the poetry links on the sidebar, you will have a selection of about 40 poems to read.

Here are two of the poems read by peter:

Virtual Worlds

Peter has spent a considerable amount of time working in a virtual world environment via ActiveWorlds (see link on the sidebar). It is reputed to be the most powerful 3D rendering program currently in use on the Web. See my Blog for details on you you can access this fascinating environment. There are a number of short video clips on Peter's YouTube site which will give you a glimmer of what is possible to do there. More clips and some screenshots will be added to this site in the near future.